Selling Sustainable Products Can Elevate Your Franchise 

Selling Sustainable Products Allows You To Get in Touch With Your Community

Buying sustainable products is no longer a perceived trend among customers, it’s a proven preference. According to a Forbes article, “65% of consumers look for products that can help them live a more sustainable and socially responsible life”. More and more consumers want to know where their food comes from and feel more connected with producers. Even large chain groceries are incorporating more sustainable sourced products, as this trend becomes the dominant preference of consumers.

For neighborhood butcher shops, selling sustainable products not only boosts sales, but also strengthens your community. Since 2013, Southern Steer Butcher Shop has built its reputation as the go-to, gourmet neighborhood butcher shop where customers can find sustainably sourced meats, as well as other sustainably sourced food products. Southern Steer Butcher has embraced the challenge of reviving the legacy of community butcher shops, where customers can find a deeper, more meaningful connection to their food, while at the same time, buying the best, highest quality products. With the rise in foodie culture and an increasing amount of Americans wanting to know where their food comes from, Southern Steer Butcher has experienced some of its best years on record the past two years.

“Coming to a butcher shop is an educational experience, and we treat it that way,” says Greg Snyder, CEO and Founder of Southern Steer Butcher. “We want our customers to share our passion for meat, and we help them enjoy what they’ve bought by coaching them. We’re a big confidence booster, and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing our customers return to us time and time again with a sense of excitement. It’s a rewarding thing to be a part of.”

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Southern Steer Butcher Gives Freedom To Their Franchisees

At Southern Steer, the choice to sell sustainable products allows greater freedom to franchisees, who can get as creative as they want with their locations and offerings. At Southern Steer Butcher’s location in Ocoee, Florida, owners Steve and Ingrid Clapp have sourced specialty products, such as goat cheese and goat cheese cake, from the nearby Windmill Acres Farm in Ocala. They work with Lake Meadows Farms and Troyers, an Amish shop, in Sarasota. Southern Steer Butcher encourages its franchise owners to take the reins to source sustainable products and be part of the communities they serve.

Southern Steer Butcher franchisees also enjoy all the benefits of small business ownership. Franchise owners are tasked with assembling their own team, putting together a dedicated group passionate about sustainable foods. Southern Steer butcher shops open in the late morning and close in the early evening, meaning franchisees have plenty of time to spend with friends and family.

“You’ve got to have passion,” says Greg Snyder, CEO and Founder of Southern Steer Butcher. “This is a business that should be fun, as well as financially and personally rewarding. If you follow our proven business model, the sky’s the limit as to how well you can do.”

Invest In A Southern Steer Butcher Franchise Today!

Once a thing of the past, the community butcher shop is back in a big way! The health conscious craze is now the norm, as Americans, more than ever, have a newfound priority in their health, with a preference for sustainable foods rising to the top. Southern Steer Butcher is a franchise opportunity at the right place at the right time, with consumers preferring sustainable meat over factory farms.

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