Why We Care About Community Involvement

A great community butcher shop franchise is a pillar of the community

Owning a community butcher shop franchise means that you’re a dynamic part of the community. As a local owner and operator, a good butcher shop looks for ways to strengthen ties with other local businesses, support charities, and provide a meaningful service that benefits your customers.

A good butcher shop is as much an education center as it is a place to get the best meat in town. Your customers will have questions not only about where your meat comes from, but also on how to cook it correctly, and how to come up with the best meal.

Southern Steer takes customer education one step further by offering food prep classes. When a customer pays for a class, we provide an entire meal’s worth of food, including side items which are made fresh in-house and teach them how to cook it – and the customer can take their fully cooked meal home to enjoy. But more importantly, now that customer has a knowledge base that empowers them to come back to us, buy that product again and cook on their own.

Providing classes is also a great opportunity to add a second revenue stream to your business and convert new customers into loyal regulars.

“Classes give us an opportunity to engage with our customers in a great way,” says Crissy Seabolt, Managing Partner at Southern Steer. “A lot of our customers don’t have experience cooking at all and we get to give them the skills to do it correctly. The classes are always sold out and they’re a lot of fun. It’s a great way to create customers for life.”

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Support local businesses by selling their products in your shop

A good butcher shop is also a small grocer of items that pair well with high-quality meat. At Southern Steer, we choose to support local businesses by selling their products in our stores. Whether it’s jars of artisanal olives, dairy products from local farms, beer made at nearby breweries, or more, having the ability to support other businesses in the shop creates an authentic community experience.

“We love supporting local businesses and we encourage our franchisees to do the same in their communities,” says Greg Snyder, CEO and Founder of Southern Steer. “It’s a great additional revenue stream and you build relationships with other businesses that are really meaningful. The customers love the experience of knowing that they’re shopping at a local business that’s also supporting local businesses.”

A great butcher shop gives back

A business that gives back to the community is a business with a noble purpose. Before the pandemic, Southern Steer founded Project 52, which donates a meal to a family in need every week of the year.

“We founded Project 52 because we wanted to help local families,” says Crissy Seabolt, Managing Partner at Southern Steer. “52 weeks out of the year we give a meal to a family in need. It’s a great way to give back and it’s incredibly rewarding to help people where we live.”

We encourage our franchise owners to participate in local charities or start their own initiatives. This is how you become a true pillar of your community.

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