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Southern Steer Butcher Shop Franchise

Traditional butcher shops used to be an everyday part of American life, where people go to find top quality meats, talk to a butcher, and everybody knows everybody. Then came large chain grocery stores and big box retailers. As Americans increasingly become more food-conscious and want to know exactly where their meat is coming from, the neighborhood butcher shop is making a comeback for the ages. In steps the Southern Steer Butcher franchise owner to put neighborhood butcher shops back on the map.

Since 2013, Southern Steer Butcher has seen firsthand the demand for sustainably sourced meats found on a neighborhood corner. Southern Steer Butcher offers higher quality meats that are fresher and healthier than what’s found at the grocery store. Southern Steer Butcher sticks true to what made neighborhood butcher shops so special all those years ago, educating their customers, and being part of their lives. In just a short time, Southern Steer Butcher has seen incredible demand for services, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, which placed a newfound significance on health and the foods we eat. During that time, stores in the Tampa Bay area exploded in sales and new customers – trends that haven’t slowed down.

Southern Steer Butcher is now looking for excited and energetic entrepreneurs with a passion for food and their community. The numbers don’t lie – Americans love meat. According to Statista, the value of the global meat sector was valued at $897 billion in 2021, and forecast to grow to an astonishing $1354 billion by 2027. Not only do consumers want more meat than ever, they want sustainable meat products too. FoodDive reports, “four out of five consumers have at least some knowledge of the environmental impacts of food.” There’s no question: consumers want to know where their food comes from and be more connected with producers.

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You Don’t Have To Be A Butcher

To be a successful Southern Steer Butcher franchise owner, butcher experience is not required. For starters, the Southern Steer Butcher corporate team has developed an intensive training program that covers all aspects of running the business – marketing, real estate, inventory, waste reduction, increasing profitability – just to name a few.

More than anything, Southern Steer Butcher is looking for entrepreneurs who display three important qualities: entrepreneurial spirit, a love of food and people, and a desire to give back to their community.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Southern Steer Butcher franchise owners love the fact that the business can be operated hands-off or hands-on. To start, franchise owners are involved every step of the way. As a budding franchise that’s making a name for itself in the gourmet, neighborhood meat industry, Southern Steer Butcher franchise owners are staunch advocates of their business in the communities they serve. They have to be driven and passionate to help expand the reach and brand recognition to see the same level of success enjoyed in the Tampa Bay area over the last decade.

Running a Southern Steer Butcher location is fun and exciting, as well as financially rewarding. That said, some current owners see a future where they may own multiple units and hire a great team of employees to run the day-to-day operation. Southern Steer Butcher is looking for people who want to realize their dreams of small business ownership, while bringing a butcher shop to their community.

Love of Food and People

No surprise here, but the most ideal Southern Steer Butcher franchise owners have to equally love both food – especially meat – and customer service. Serving up quality meat from sustainably sourced producers is at the heart of what Southern Steer Butcher does, and franchise owners have to be excited to talk about and educate customers on their products. What makes Southern Steer Butcher so prosperous is their offering of meat selections and other dishes that customers can’t find anywhere else. The Southern Steer Butcher franchise team is 100% behind franchise owners to help communicate this message to customers. Southern Steer Butcher isn’t just a run-of-the-mill meat market. This is a people business, as much as it is a food business.

Wanting To Give Back To Your Community

At Southern Steer Butcher, franchise owners have to be community-focused entrepreneurs, because this is a community-focused franchise. Franchise owners are not just selling meat to customers. They are making their meals, teaching customers how to cook, and giving small local businesses a place to sell their products. One of the best attributes of the traditional butcher shop is the community feel, and that’s what is encouraged at Southern Steer Butcher. We want franchise owners to be part of their customers’ lives.

Southern Steer Butcher Is Looking For Franchisees

Southern Steer Butcher is an exciting franchise looking for entrepreneurs to invest. No previous butcher experience needed! Southern Steer Butcher franchise owners focus on growing their business, delivering a great customer experience, managing employees, and following the proven business model. And our Southern Steer Butcher corporate team is here to help out every step of the way!

“We’re looking for passionate people to join us,” Greg Snyder, CEO and founder of Southern Steer Butcher, says. “A butcher shop is a recession-resistant business that is only becoming more relevant. People want to know where their food comes from and how to cook it – and that is not going to change. We’ve built a business model that offers tremendous profit potential, great work/life balance, and the ability to offer something every community needs. We’re excited to franchise with people that share our passion for this business. It’s so much fun and it’s so exciting to be a part of – and now we want to share that with entrepreneurs.”

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