Southern Steer Butcher Clearwater Franchise Voted Best Meat Market 

Southern Steer Butcher Clearwater Franchise Scored in the People’s Choice Awards

It feels pretty good being named “The Best of the Best,” and that’s exactly the vibe here at Southern Steer Butcher’s Clearwater, Florida location. Recently, The Tampa Bay Times awarded the People’s Award for Best Meat Market to Southern Steer Butcher, which took home the Bronze Medal, an accolade we don’t take lightly. Southern Steer Butcher continuously strives to bring customers the best quality meats, sides, and gourmet grocery items to be the absolute best meat market, and we love it when customers recognize it.

“The Best of the Best awards celebrate businesses and organizations in nearly 200 categories, with the top vote getters in each category listed here,” The Tampa Bay Times wrote. “Being named one of the ‘Best’ is an honor, and with more than 135,000 votes received, this endeavor is a remarkable display of the love and support this community has for local businesses.”

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Southern Steer Butcher is the Premiere Butcher Shop Franchise

Southern Steer Butcher is proof the neighborhood butcher shop is making a comeback. More than ever, customers want to know where their food comes from, and when it comes to quality meats, there’s no better option than the local butcher shop. Southern Steer Butcher is providing a business model that is being replicated with success across communities with a love of food.

“You get a higher quality meat when you visit us,” says Greg Snyder, CEO and Founder of Southern Steer Butcher. “You get a product that’s rotated faster, so it’s fresher than what you can get at the grocery store. But most importantly, there’s the customer service side of it. Our customers always have questions, and we help them leave with the confidence that they’re going to cook their meat correctly. We’re like an education center for the community. We’re here to teach people, to encourage people, and to help our customers enjoy cooking more. It’s a fun opportunity to be able to do that.”

For franchisees, the profit potential is huge. Over the past few years, Southern Steer Butcher has seen tremendous growth in sales, as customers experience a growing preference for healthy, quality meats, and foods. In just a few years, Southern Steer Butcher has emerged as the go-to community butcher shop franchise with exceptional products, great customer service, and unmatched expertise. And with low start-up costs, a straightforward business model, and a comprehensive training and support program, Southern Steer Butcher is ready to expand across the U.S.

“We’ve worked out everything about how to market your business, how to build a community presence, and how to manage your product to maximize profitability,” Snyder says. “Our training is comprehensive. We will train you in every aspect of this business, so that you can replicate what we’ve built in the Tampa Bay Area in your community. Just follow our business model, add water, put it in the oven, and set it to 400 degrees. It’s really that straightforward.”

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The people have spoken: Southern Steer Butcher is among the best of the best when it comes to delivering quality, gourmet meats, and other products. Southern Steer Butcher is living proof there’s a huge appetite for the local butcher shop, and that’s why we’re looking to find the right entrepreneurs to bring our products to their communities. To learn more, visit our research pages or request more information here.

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