Why Do Our Customers Love Us?

Exceptional customer service is the most important aspect of owning a butcher shop business

When a customer visits Southern Steer butcher shop franchise, they want customer service that they can’t get anywhere else.

The product that we sell is of a much higher quality than what you can get at a grocery store and because we rotate our product faster than grocery stores, it’s far fresher too. We also know where our product comes from and we work with local farmers and highly trusted suppliers who deliver a product that deserves to be celebrated.

“People want a different experience,” says Chris Fitzpatrick, a customer who drives an hour every week to stock up on meat. “You can go to a grocery store and get chicken or ribs, but the quality isn’t going to be as good and the experience isn’t going to be as good. I love coming here because it’s great value, the product is great, and the customer service is on another level.”

Our customers love our weekly specials

Southern Steer also serves products that can’t be food in grocery stores, such as our marinated chicken and steaks, which customers like Fitzpatrick come from all over to get. Our marinated meats are put in a vacuum-sealed tumbler and are rotated for hours with custom marinades to get an exceptional flavor.

Every week, we offer several specials that feature our specialty products. For instance, every Tuesday there is a sale on our marinated steak tips and chicken. On Tuesdays, we also have 2 for 1 take-n-bake sides, such as buffalo-flavored cauliflower, mac-n-cheese, and more, to give customers an opportunity to get a whole meal.

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“The specials are a great way to get our customers excited about coming back,” says Crissy Seabolt, Managing Partner at Southern Steer. “They look forward to their weekly visit and it creates a lot of energy in the store. It’s a great way to boost sales, to win new customers, and to give people with full-time jobs a delicious meal that can be made quickly for their family to share.”

We keep our customers engaged with our loyalty program

Southern Steer has a loyalty program that rewards repeat business and it’s been enormously successful. There’s currently over 25,000 people signed up for the program, which delivers discounts and specials that are exclusive to program members on a regular basis.

“Having a loyalty program has been a great asset for us,” Crissy Seabolt says. “We get to remain connected to our loyal customers and keep them excited about returning to us. On an average week, we see so many of the same customers. This is a business where customer engagement results in increased sales and we’ve been very fortunate to have such a large and growing following.”

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