Holiday Products Offer Seasonal Profit Potential Boost

Franchisees have more Opportunity with Holiday Products

It’s a known fact: Americans spend more money during the holidays than any other time of year. How much more? Well, according to a study by the National Retail Federation, the U.S. has spent more than $500 billion in holiday sales every single year since 2006. Spending has increased every year since 2002 (with 2008-09 the exceptions during the recession). What’s more, an NPD Group study found nearly nine out of 10 U.S. consumers expected to spend the same or more on holiday shopping than last year.

Indeed, the holidays present a huge opportunity for businesses – including franchises – to drive profits and increase revenue streams by offering holiday products. By riding the wave of holiday spirit, businesses can also increase their customer base as well as brand awareness. Why’s that? Because consumers are not only buying for themselves, they are also buying for other people. And, of course, the holidays have become synonymous with shopping and increased indulgences.

At Southern Steer Butcher, the go-to neighborhood butcher shop, an array of holiday-inspired products customers can’t find anywhere else provides a huge boost to sales. Southern Steer Butcher is known for its delicious, exciting daily specials, but truly kicked up a notch during the holidays. Whether it’s preordering holiday products or meals, or in-shop specialty items, Southern Steer Butcher takes the holiday spirit to new lengths. For instance, over 20,000 pounds of turkey were ordered and sold for the 2022 Thanksgiving season!

southern steer butcher holiday products

Southern Steer Butcher Supporting Charity During The Holidays

The holidays also present a wonderful time to give back to the communities Southern Steer Butcher serves. Southern Steer Butcher’s “Project 52,” which donates a meal to a family in need every week of the year, is a great example of how the company is dedicated to helping those in need. Last year, Southern Steer Butcher was able to donate more than 400 turkeys to charity!

“We founded Project 52 because we wanted to help local families,” says Crissy Seabolt, Managing Partner at Southern Steer Butcher. “52 weeks out of the year, we give a meal to a family in need. It’s a great way to give back, and it’s incredibly rewarding to help people where we live.”

Southern Steer Butcher encourages its franchise owners to take on their own causes in their respective community, which helps them become a pillar in their community. Southern Steer Butcher prides itself on reviving the neighborhood butcher shops of old, with a new and exciting twist, and within that mission is a dedication to be part of and contribute to the communities Southern Steer Butcher serves.

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Southern Steer Butcher is the epitome of the neighborhood butcher that’s making a huge comeback. One way Southern Steer Butcher is making an impact in the communities they serve is by offering holiday products customers can’t find anywhere else. But it’s also about staying true to the holiday spirit and giving back when possible. To learn more about Southern Steer Butcher’s franchise opportunity, visit the research pages or make a request for more information.

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