Why Do Communities Want a Neighborhood Butcher?

Foodies are here to stay – and owning a butcher shop franchise provides a great service people can’t get anywhere else

The return of the neighborhood butcher is a trend many never saw coming. Once thought to be replaced by supermarkets, there has been a resurgence of local butcher shops across the nation due to the rise of foodie culture, the renewed appreciation for artisans, campaigns to shop local, and a commitment to healthy eating.

This is very good news, as a butcher shop is something that every community needs.

A simple Google search on “butcher shops” will reveal countless articles going back a decade or more, heralding the return of the butchery. In one New York Times article from 2011, entitled “The Lost Art of Buying from a Butcher,” speaks to several butcher shops opening in New York City, giving people a “culinary adventure” they can’t get at a supermarket that sells only pre-packaged meats.

9 years later and on the opposite coast, The Los Angeles Times reported during the height of the lockdown from COVID-19, “Amid Coronavirus, butcher shops are seeing a huge spike in meat sales.”

This same story was echoed across the nation from news outlets in Memphis, TN, to Minneapolis, MN, to Washington, D.C., and beyond – business is booming for butcher shops everywhere.

Why have butcher shops returned? The answer is simple: a butcher provides an experience that consumers can’t get anywhere else.

Butcher shops like Southern Steer provide a place for customers to learn how to enjoy their food

When a person visits a butcher shop, they may be an experienced foodie with an appetite for oxtail, or a high end eater who wants the best steak in town, or they may be motivated to shop for sustainable meat – whatever their reasoning, going to the butcher is a way to a deeper, more meaningful connection to their food.

This is why Southern Steer has become such a fan favorite in the Tampa bay-area in Florida. Our business is designed to be consumer-facing, meaning we take the time to educate our customers not only on where the meat comes from, but also how to cook it correctly and what side dishes and wine to pair it with.

This connection to our customers is why we’ve continued to experience sales increases and is why our business had our best year ever in 2020.

“We’re in business to help people first and foremost,” says Greg Snyder, CEO and Founder of Southern Steer. “Coming to a butcher shop is an educational experience and we treat it that way. We want our customers to share our passion for meat and we help them enjoy what they’ve bought by coaching them. We’re a big confidence booster and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing our customers return to us time and time again with a sense of excitement. It’s a rewarding thing to be a part of.”

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